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How To Plan Your Future As A Speaker | Legacy Planning with Mariah Street Esq

May 20, 2022


Death comes whether we plan for it or not. 

As speakers, we focus on impacting audiences and earning consistent income, but are we planning for our future? Speaker, CEO & Managing Attorney of Legacy Street Mariah Law helps us understand why we need to start legacy planning today by protecting our wealth, IP, and loved ones. 

Here is everything you need to know about the common myths and mental blocks that hold you back from protecting your wealth and how to shift your mindset to a place where you can break the cycles of generational poverty.

Mariah Street Esq is a successful speaker, corporate leadership consultant, and the CEO & Managing Attorney of Legacy Street Law. She provides comprehensive legal business services, legacy planning, and business succession planning for legacy-minded business owners & their families, esp CEOs of color.


Focus Points:

  • Why you should protect your assets and IP as a speaker
  • Why you should build generational wealth and plan for its protection 
  • Myths & fears that hold you back from legacy planning
  • How you can shift your mindset to be legacy protective as a speaker
  • How to take the first steps toward assessing your assets and planning your legacy



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