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How Speakers Can Streamline Their Biz Operations with Alicia Lozano

Jun 03, 2022

Are your biz systems organized so that you can grow your speaking business & build sustainable income? 

As speakers, we create transformative experiences, but unless we organize & simplify our underlying systems we won’t be able to create consistent revenue or have space to enjoy our personal lives. 

Business Operations Consultant Alicia Lozano shares how to streamline your business operations so that you can nurture client relationships, scale your business, and focus on doing the work that you love: speaking!


Focus Points: 

  • How to conserve your time & energy as a speaker 
  • Why systems help you stay in your field of genius
  • How to get started with your first SOP 
  • What you need to start streamlining your biz as a speaker

Alicia Lozano is a Business Operations Consultant and creator of The Business FLOW framework who is on a mission to support emerging agencies elevate their business processes to match their value through personalized action plans that systematize their operations, increase revenue, and make more impact.


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