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Hiring A Team To Support Your Speaking Business with HR expert Kimone Napier

Jul 08, 2022


How can we hire with intention and build a team that supports our speaking business?

There is so much to do when building a successful speaking career. 

From presenting, networking, traveling to events, and nurturing client relationships, you can easily end up exhausted when you don’t have the right support. In this episode HR expert Kimone Napier shares her insights into hiring so that you find team members who support your speaking vision and allow you to do what you do best: impact lives with your voice. 

This episode has everything you need to know about hiring people who will allow your speaking business to reach the next level. 


Focus Points: 

  • Why you need a team that supports you on your speaking journey
  • How the right team members can help you achieve your mission
  • Common myths about hiring that entrepreneurs struggle with
  • Three steps you should take to prepare for hiring


Kimone Napier is an HR expert with over 10 years of experience and the founder & CEO of Hire Breakthrough™, where she helps founders, entrepreneurs, and organizations build strong teams through intentional hiring. Kimone leverages her extensive experience in HR, operations, and engineering to deliver powerful HR results to her clients in every industry.

She is also a powerful speaker, consultant, and strategist whose work has been groundbreaking in building strong teams and helping founders reclaim their time. She believes that when you focus on the power of people over profits, you deliver a better experience for both you and the candidates.



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