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You Have Infinite Value: Building Wealth In Your Business with Rose Radford

Rose Radford is obsessed with helping women become successful business owners.  She’s been working as a coach and consultant since the age of 19.  But it was after a stint working at legendary consultancy McKinsey and Co that she realized the real importance of being independent.  Since then she has worked with dozens of entrepreneurs all over the globe.  In this episode, she reveals the biggest hurdles women have to overcome if they want to make it as entrepreneurs.    


Topics we cover: 


  • What watching her parents struggle taught Rose about business
  • Her realization that personal freedom is the most important thing
  • Why money mindset is the biggest hurdle women face
  • How to price yourself correctly in the marketplace
  • The secret to asking for more money

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in our episodes are not the opinions of our podcast or our sponsors.


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Jasmin Haley DBA Beyond the Prophy LLC

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