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Part II: Why SOPs are Needed to Smoothly Onboard New Team Members

business growth onboarding outsource standard operating procedure streamline Dec 02, 2020

Hoping to start hiring and grow your business? If you don't have a standard operating procedure (SOP,) I can confidently say that you're not as organized as you should be to start the scaling process. Having SOPs can provide automation, helping you stay on top of your business throughout the growth you experience, and not just when you're starting out. You need to truly step into the CEO role, and you can't do that if you're bogged down with all the admin details within your business organization! How do you keep yourself in the shoes of the CEO while tasks and jobs pile up? Easy—outsource! 


Your task list is going to grow with your client list, and you won't be able to keep up with your innovative ideas if all the behind the scenes jobs are still on your plate. It can be taxing to deal with when you're already up to your neck, and entrepreneurial burnout, a real thing that can cost people the success they truly want, may just be around the corner. 


You gotta strive to reach a high level of business delegation within your organization. So, instead of thinking about just now, think about five years on and the bigger picture. With the systems you currently have in place, are you going to be able to keep up with the client demand you're hoping for?


If you don't look to the future, you'll be unprepared. Then when you do finally reach that moment of growth, outsourcing and onboarding will become more difficult and frustratingly time-consuming. You have to streamline the work to be more efficient now and later. So invest the time now, set up a solid SOP, and get your game plan working for you. Create one using key performance indicators which in the long run will lead to so much more profit. Become an SOP queen and make growing your business feel effortless.


SOPs are Vital!


As you grow, you have to bring more people on board to work with you and take on some of your tasks and drive your business forward. Unfortunately, stats surrounding onboarding show that many startups suffer because of the clumsy, inefficient processes they are using Close to 90% of companies do a terrible job with onboarding because those crucial SOPs aren't in place from the beginning. They need to be in place before you get going on moving your company up the scale. This way, you'll hit the ground running when things start to pick up as opposed to spending valuable time playing catch-up. 


SOPs are essential for keeping things organized and developing a proper functioning business, but they're also a huge piece of the onboarding puzzle. If you're hiring new people to keep up with your workload and you're not prepared to have them integrated into your business, their ability to perform will suffer, and so will your profits. And we can't be having that. Right?!


It's crazy, but it seems that most businesses only put about a week's worth of onboarding focus into new hires! This newbie neglect makes them less likely to stay on with the company or recommend it to others looking for similar positions. So you could spend all that time finding the perfect person to work with you, then lose them when they go looking for new employment because you didn't show them the ropes properly! With SOPs giving guidance, you can onboard new hires with ease thanks to your high level of organization, allowing you to give up control and let them do what they came to do.


A lot of companies also miss out on one crucial component that could lead to a better onboarding process—the Buddy System. Your current employees should have a clear picture of what's expected and what they have to do so, getting them to work through the SOPs with new hires will make the process easier. And that's the big goal, isn't it? Reaching a level of success where you can stay in the shoes of the CEO while your employees complete the tasks that you just don't have time for anymore.


One of the biggest problems with the onboarding process is inconsistent application. A good SOP can help kick that inconsistency right out the door and help you retain your employees for more chances at in-house hiring and help the business scale.


Don't Reinvent the Wheel Every 5 Years!


Every business is going to be unique in how they do things, but one thing they all have in common is a dire need for a good SOP. They truly are the best way to keep processes organized across all aspects of the business. Whether it's for creative, admin, or any other tasks needed to keep things running the only way you can successfully scale is by using SOPs to ensure processes are transparent and followed properly.  


If you don't really know where to start getting structures in place, there are so many useful tools out there. I like to use Asana to organize my tasks and store the SOPs for my staff to access. It works for me. Other programs and software may work better for you, but it doesn't matter which type you choose as long as you pick one and go with it, providing clear instructions for all staff. If you're looking for some help in this department, the SOP Success Lab is a great place to start. You won't have to continuously monitor or make changes to the system as your business grows as it provides templates and support tailored to you so that you can scale and outsource with ease.


If you already have some processes in place but want in on more of the action or just need a quick tune-up, join the amazing group of CEOs in the SOP Success Lab. For more information on the work they do, just head here!


Need More on SOPs?  


SOPs are the lifeline of any business and fall under the construct part of my business model. They help set the foundations you need to reach 100k, giving your business the sustainability and profitability it needs to soar to new heights. What's not to love?!


If you're looking for a more in-depth and personal touch, contact me here so we can figure out how to get you down with SOPs and scale your business to new levels.

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