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What To Do Before You Hire Your Team with Tianna Tye

breakthrough to excellence podcast building a team core values mission time for money vision Apr 07, 2021


As your business grows, one of the most important things you will do is build a team. Your support staff will be imperative as you navigate an increased workload, more clients and step into your role as CEO.  But it’s not what you do AFTER you hire that’s the most important. It’s actually what you have in place beforehand that will make all the difference. 


In this episode, we’re talking to Tianna Tye,  an Industrial Organizational Psychologist and Team Dynamics Consultant from Atlanta, Georgia. Tiana gives us great insights into hiring the best team possible, why having a team that is invested in your growth matters, and some best practices to ensure you get the results you’re really looking for as you build. 


Topics we discuss.


  • I/O Psychologists and their specialty.
  • Having Teams, Operations, and Systems in place to help your business scale and grow.
  • Money & Resources and when the best time is to hire.
  • Trading Time for Money and knowing when to Automate and Delegating.
  • Mission, Vision, and Core Values when building your best team.


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