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The Role Intuition Plays In Your Success with Vicki Baird

breakthrough to excellence podcast business advantage business assets business intuition intuition for the better May 05, 2021

Intuition… we all have it. But the question is do we develop it and use it to our full advantage in our business? Intuition can be one of our strongest and most useful assets when pursuing a career as an entrepreneur; the key is to know yourself and learn how to harness your intuition for the better.


In this episode, I talk with Intuition Coach and Consultant, Vicki Baird. With over 20 plus years’ experience, Vicki helps her clients to pinpoint their issues and blocks that they experience in order to live their most connected lives. 


Topics we discuss:


  • Leading with the heart.
  • Finding those mental blocks and unlocking them.
  • Aligning with yourself and your business.
  • Getting rid of the doubt and learning to trust yourself.
  • Merging the soul in the human self to connect with that drive within you.


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