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How to Start Your Own Podcast with Sasha Huff

breakthrough to excellence podcast ego entrepreneurial mindset podcasts supportive community Mar 24, 2021

Making the leap to entrepreneurship can feel overwhelming and coming to the decision to make a complete career change can be a tough road. With a supportive community and guidance, anything is possible to make that jump… even when it’s jumping into the podcast world!


In this episode, I talk to Podcast Coach and Mentor, Sasha Huff. Sasha gives us insight on how to start your own podcast and shares her journey coming from the corporate radio world into the life of an entrepreneur and business owner. How leaving a toxic work environment gave her the opportunity to get her message out there, support women in a male-dominatedMind field, and eventually create a community for Women Who Podcast (or want to) to encourage their message as well. 


Topics we discuss


  • The mindset of an entrepreneur and making that change from being an employee to being the boss.
  • Leaving a toxic work environment that no longer serves you or your mental health.
  • Podcasts and how they can be an important asset to helping your business grow.
  • Deciding to start your own podcast and what steps to take first.
  • Your ego. When it does and does not serve you in the entrepreneur world.
  • Business Coaches and finding a community of support.



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Jasmin Haley DBA Beyond the Prophy LLC

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