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How to Protect Your Time As The CEO of Your Business

balance boundaries breakthrough to excellence podcast outsourcing Mar 31, 2021

As business owners, it is extremely difficult to deal with the day-to-day tasks of your business while also maintaining your personal life and handling the other responsibilities that may come your way. We are multi-dimensional people. How do I know this? Because I'm a human being, and so are you. There are so many different elements that help build the life that I currently have, so how am I able to honor that? How am I able to protect my time so I can focus on income-generating tasks? 


If you currently feel overwhelmed with your day-to-day task in your business, not feeling the joy that you once had in your own business because you are completely overwhelmed, this episode is for you. 


Topics we discuss…


  • How to protect your time and balance your personal life with being the CEO of your business.
  • WBO… What Do You Want? Boundaries. Outsourcing.
  • W is knowing and understanding what you want to be aware of that, what's important to you, what are non-negotiables?
  • B is for Boundaries. Boundaries are everything and if you're clear about the direction that you're going, you understand which areas of your life, and the business you need to protect, it will be easier for you to say no when things don't align.
  • O is for Outsourcing. It is important to understand that you cannot do it all. Outsourcing is key to growing your business and being present as a CEO.


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