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How To Make Genuine Connections As You Grow Your Business with Emily Gough

breakthrough to excellence podcast business coaching business connection business growth guidance perspective real-life tools May 19, 2021

Hearing the word networking or connection can be overwhelming for entrepreneurs, especially if you’re a bit on the introverted side. But the connection is one of the greatest ways to build your business and make an impact, and it doesn’t have to be in a “bro-marketing” kind of way. It can be heart-centered, which you know I love. 


In this episode, I talk with human connection & transformational coach, speaker, mental health advocate, and host of the top 200 Room to Grow™ Podcast,  Emily Gough.  With years of coaching experience and both connection & compassion as superpowers, Emily’s genuine, down-to-earth and direct approach will give you the guidance, real-life tools, and perspective you need to help you trust yourself more to create the life and relationships you deserve.  This conversation is not to be missed!


Topics we discuss:


  • Surrendering to what is and not fighting the journey.
  • Why getting to know yourself is the first step. 
  • Scaling quickly isn’t always the best bet.
  • Allowing yourself to try things and pivot when needed. 
  • Being comfortable with the unknown.


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