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Honoring Your Cultural Legacy In Your Business

Feb 07, 2023

How can we center our cultural legacies in our speaking careers & our lives?

As speakers, especially members of the BIPOC community, we need to take into consideration the legacy of our cultures and the lies we may have absorbed about it over our lifetimes. Only through acknowledgment and relearning can we embrace the honor of our cultural heritage and step on stage as our authentic selves. 

Speaker, professional photographer & podcaster Karina Mora helps us explore our relationship with our cultural legacy and begin the work necessary to reclaim and align it with our businesses and lives. When we fully embrace who we are we open the door to finding the people who resonate with our message and want to work with us. 


Focus Points: 

  • How you can start honoring your cultural legacy in business
  • Why being your whole self on stage & in business matters 
  • Why speaking is important for business owners
  • How speaking can open the door to the right clients & communities


Karina Mora is a professional photographer, speaker, and successful podcaster devoted to helping people reclaim their cultural legacies and elevating her native Mexican culture through photography, guided trips to Mexico, and spoken word. Her podcast Elevating la Cultura features stories from first and second-generation Latinas who are working hard, pursuing their passions, and pouring their positive efforts into the next generations.



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