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3 Ways To Repurpose Your Content For Elevating Your Brand

blog posts build community live trainings organizing content repurpose content Dec 23, 2020

When you start your business, you want to build your community. You can do this relatively quickly by using social media, but creating new content and reinventing the wheel can be hard. To reduce business overwhelm when it comes to blogging, podcasting, and live trainings, the best thing you can do is to start repurposing content. You need brand authority to make it in today’s world, and great content will give you that even if it’s content you’ve shared before.




Reinforcing what you know and what you do is a great reason to repurpose your content. You don’t want to continuously share the same post over and over again, but, you can take your old content and add to it or change it up a little bit so that the message remains, but the content is fresh and exciting to your community.

You also want to get yourself familiar with all content streams and platforms, and repurposing content can give you practice and help share your message widely. Being able to appeal to audiences with different content preferences is going to give you a leg up in business because you can reach so many more people this way.


Repurposing Your Blog


So, you wrote a blog. It was informative, entertaining, and showed just how knowledgeable you are about your product or service. When you want to get the word out, you can use as much of the content as possible without having to reshare the entire blog again and again. If you post your blog to your social media, you can take it and turn it into educational content by creating quote templates with a few important snippets from the blog.

In my “3 Types of Content” blog post, I break down what kinds of content are the best to use. Educational, inspirational and entertaining, and content that solidifies your social proof and brand authority are the key content components to grow your business community. Taking snippets from these types of blogs and switching up the format—turning a blog into quote templates or parts of it into audiograms—is a great way to drive the message home without boring your followers.


Repurposing Your Live Trainings


Live trainings are important in business. They give you credibility and the opportunity to show people how your service works. It can also demonstrate to your community why you’re the right person to look to for that specific information. Taking your old live training videos, saving them, and creating transcriptions for them will give you more options when it comes to shareable content. You can turn them into podcasts to reach a new audience, or you can turn transcriptions into new blog posts or snippets.

Another great way to repurpose these videos is by reselling them to the people who may not have had the chance to see them the first time around. This will open the door for you to keep the same content, the same message, and the same information going to a whole new group of potential clients. Adding them to a YouTube channel can also get your message out to a new audience that may not frequent other social media sites as much as they do YouTube.


Repurpose Your Social Media Copy


Sometimes people can get stuck when trying to write copy. I get it, it can be challenging sometimes. One great way to repurpose your old content is by taking multiple previously shared posts and increasing their organic reach by creating fresh and new social media copy from them. Since only 10% of the people that follow you actually see your content, you should be repeatedly sharing the same information so that you can maximize your organic reach.

If you’re using Instagram, eye-catching photos plus the same copy from an old post can create brand new content at the same time as repurposing your initial message. You can take two old posts and mash them together easily to create fresh copy. Match that up with a new photo and watch your organic reach grow. This method can be a bit overkill, so don’t go overboard and only use it some of the time. It’s good because it takes away some of the struggle of content planning out of the equation. You can keep all your content in a file or spreadsheet, so it’s easy to go back to it.


Need help organizing?


Organizing your content streams can be difficult, and when you’re repurposing content, it can be that much harder. It doesn’t have to be though. We’ve created a digital CEO planner that can help you map out your content for the entire year so you can take any guesswork out of what to post and when to post it. It even helps you track other parts of your business, including financials. It’s a strategic way to keep things all in one place so that you can grow your business with ease through the use of content and copy repurposing.


Recycled content is still good content


Just because everything you post isn’t brand new doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. There’s only so much you can say about any given topic or service about your business or overall message. That’s where repurposing content comes in. It can be hard to reach different people on social media, and so blogging, podcasting, and offering live trainings can all be repurposed for a wide variety of platforms to help build your community and establish brand authority. If you want to reduce business overwhelm, you’ll have to get comfortable with using old content in a new way.

My business framework philosophy is simple: Confidence, construct, elevate. Repurposing content is part of the Construct Module, and it helps business owners set a solid foundation for success. To reach 100k, the systems, and strategies that can help scale business need to be in place for sustainable and profitable growth. If you’re ready to take the plunge and want to skip the training, you can contact me here so we can have a chat about building your business through the use of repurposed content.

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