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Do you want to grow your business and breakthrough to your level of success without the overwhelm?

The Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network is a business community that will provide you accountability and customization for your unique business needs.

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Is the Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network right for you?

  • You feel overwhelmed and run ragged by your day-to-day biz tasks and want to take action on goals you have let sit for weeks, months, or years.
  • You are always busy but nothing is translating into building a profitable business and you are tired of the feast & famine cycles of business.
  • You have these big audacious goals and ideas you want to implement and you need the support to help you execute your vision.
  • You’ve created your business but you need to refine your business model, offers, and framework to scale your business to reach your goals.
  • You want more time to generate more income in your business and you need help in organizing your business so you can scale it and grow it.
  • Internally, you know you need to work on the mind trash that makes you feel that you are never enough or that you are worthy of achieving your goals.
  • You want to get your business questions answered, learn the step-by-strategy so you can use to create the biz you desire, and finally feel like you are not alone on this journey.
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You don’t want another self-study course...

  • you want actionable steps with strategy
  • you want accountability
  • you want all the tools needed to build the business you want to create
  • You want to join a community that supports your dreams

What if your business dreams could become reality?

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You are able to make an impact in your community.

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Your business is profitable & sustainable

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You are able to care for the ones you love the most

Hear From Our Client Kimone Napier

Breakthrough to Excellence™
Private 1:1 Coaching


Picture this...

  • You spend your days focusing on income-generating tasks, you have time for personal self-care, and your business works for you instead of you working for it.
  • Your business is simplified, you work reasonable hours, have time for the ones you loved, and your business is profitable.
  • You conquer your business goals and ideas with focus, clarity, and ease.
  • You constructed a strong business foundation that will support you scaling your business towards your goals.
  • You finally feel supported in your business journey and are ready to overcome any challenges that you encounter as you scale your business.
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Are you ready to be confident in your God-given abilities, and fully step into your CEO role?


Breakthrough to Excellence™


Accountability • Mastermind • Customization

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A program providing the accountability and customization you desire so you can scale your business without the overwhelm.

Step into your CEO role.


Hear From Our Client Chika ObIH

Breakthrough to Excellence™
Private 1:1 Coaching



In order to break through to the level of impact you want to make in business, you'll need…

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and self-awareness of the God-given talents you uniquely possess that will help serve your future clients.

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the systems and automations that will help support your vision, the sales strategy that will help you close your clients, and the framework that will support your business model, reduce your overwhelm, and grow a profitable business.

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your voice by developing the strategy to package your knowledge, expertise, and tell your authentic story to make a mark on the communities that you will serve.


Fully Step Into Your CEO Role and Grow Your Biz

  • Develop the confidence to make CEO decisions to will propel your business forward and reach your goals
  • Create the core business foundation systems, automation, framework, and sales strategy to build the business you envision
  • Amplify your story and elevate your brand authority while using your strengths
  • Build your community that reflects your values and can create a lasting impact

Our Rockstar Clients...

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I reached out to Jasmin I at a point that I didn’t know what direction to go but I knew I couldn’t give up on my purpose and passion! When she spoke to me it changed the trajectory of my life! 

She gave me practical ways that I could promote my brand and save money. She planted new ideas in my vision and gave me direction. She helped me set goals and completed them. She was easy to communicate with and touchable. She believed in my success just as much as I did and that was so important to me. 

She walked with me until I was running.

Sonya Dunbar, Owner/CEO of Geriatric Toothfairy

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I didn’t know where to begin with building and growing a business, a brand, submitting abstracts, talking with potential clients, and event organizers.

With Jasmin’s honest coaching, encouragement, support, her sharing her experiences and expertise, I am building my business and my brand with a new and renewed set of goals and with a 'Can Do' attitude. Doing it scared, instead of moving into the future and looking back saying “I wish I would have gone after my dream".

Susan Cotten, Owner and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting LLC

Hear From Our Client Teniqua Hill

Breakthrough to Excellence™
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Breakthrough to Excellence™

The Framework

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What's Included In Our

6-Month Program:

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Customized Strategic Plan
(value = $1500)

Receive a customized strategic plan based on your entrepreneurship level and goals. Never once have to doubt what direction you take next.
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Hands-On Group Coaching
(value = $8000)

Our team will get to know your business through and through. We will tailor your plan so that you are able to get the assistance you need.

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Monthly Biz Strategy Call
(value = $5000)

Dive into the strategic mind of Jasmin and get personalized assistance in your business each month.

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Monthly Mindset Coaching
(value = $1800)

Escape fear and overwhelm by working with our mindset coach monthly to remove the #mindtrash. 

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Monthly Accountability Coaching
(value = $3000)

Private 1:1 accountability coaching calls with our accountability coach to keep you focus on your goals.

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Monthly Co-Working Sessions
(value = $1000)

Work along with your accountability coach and your peers to get your business tasks done in a communal meeting every month.

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Over 100 training videos
(value = $8000)

Access to Jasmin’s entire framework, learn how to create the right systems and automate your business to reduce the overwhelm, amplify your brand, create your 6-figure framework/offer, sales strategy, lead generation, and how to build the confidence to ask for what you want as you grow your business.

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Resource Library of Business Partners
(value = priceless)

Jasmin’s has partnered with other heart-centered entrepreneurs to help support you so that you can build a sustainable business. You will have access to their services at special membership rates by becoming a member of our business network. 

Our Program:

Image of Jasmin couch with text Breakthrough to Excellence 100k Framework

CEO Roadmap™ Mastermind

$1300/month or $7500 with Bonus Cash Injection Training

6-month High Touch Group Coaching Program for biz owners already making consistent four-figure months, who want to get their business organized, amplify their voice & brand, and grow to consistent 5-figure months to make 6-figures or more in their business.

They will learn Jasmin's full framework of how to build confidence, construct systems in their business to reduce business overwhelm, and elevate their brand authority in their online business world.

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Your Success Team

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Meet Jasmin

Jasmin Haley grew her business to six-figures in 2019. She is taking her expertise in education, her love for all things tech, and her strategic mind to help entrepreneurs learn business foundational principles so they too can achieve their biz goals.


Meet Amanda

Amanda is a Mindset Coach, Meditation Teacher, Author and Founder of Empowered Retreats. Through her work, she helps women become empowered to create massive transformation in their personal and professional lives. Amanda specializes in showing women how to lean into their human-ness and harness the power of their mind to create the results that they truly desire.

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Ikeshia is an Accountability Coach, Customer Success Specialist, and Social Media Community Manager. Her business and passion is assisting entrepreneurs with staying responsible and accountable to their personal and business goals, with a guiding hand and empowering touch. Ikeshia specializes in showing entrepreneurs how to stay focused on their business plan without the overwhelm; and while maintaining a healthy work/life balance. With her many years of experience; Ikeshia also offers, Customer Success Training and Social Media Community Management. Ikeshia is here to show you how staying accountable can truly be the difference between having business goals and achieving business success.

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Erin is a Copy Coach and Content Creator specializing in helping female entrepreneurs craft copy that refines their brand and authentically connects with their audience. Her passion for words, research, and female empowerment translates into content that expands business reach and allows women to succeed in their entrepreneurial goals. She is focused on helping women hone their content to clarify the essence of their message and hook the right clients.

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Hear From Our Client 

Julia Worrall

Breakthrough to Excellence™
Private 1:1 Coaching


Who it's for:

  • If you want a sisterhood of genuine connection, vulnerability and growth.
  • If you are ready to commit to your goals and choose you.
  • If you are an empowered woman ready to take action.
  • If you are ready to stop making excuses, be held accountable, and put in the hard work to make your dreams a reality.
  • If you believe in creating an anti-racist business and providing a safe & brave place for all.
  • If you are ready to take massive action and committed to working strategically on your business for the next 6-months.

Who it's NOT for:

  • This isn’t for you if you’re just looking to take.
  • If you’re not looking to be supportive, grow in a community and cheer other people on.
  • If you are going to have “Karen”-like behavior. (Unless your name is actually Karen and you’re amazing, then come on in!)
  • If the program is just gonna sit on your shelf.
  • If you don’t believe in diversity of thought, mind, and action, and in creating a world where everyone has a seat at the table.
  • If you are not committed to achieving your goals and putting in the work during your program.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee

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We only select applicants to join our program who we know we can help in our program. We are intentional in our business and in working with the right clients. We are committed to your business growth and in helping you make an impact in the communities that you serve.

What We Stand For And Commit To:

  • A full hands-on approach in our group programs to help you conquer your biz goals.
  • Support in your business with mindset, strategy, and accountability.
  • A team committed and dedicated in knowing the ins-and-outs of your business and holding you accountable to your biz goals.
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Ready to step into your CEO role and build the business you know you are capable building?

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