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How To Amplify Your Visibility & Make An Impact From The Stage


Build A Sustainable Speaking Business & Create A Lasting Legacy

Scale Your Business Through The Podium

Ready to get more visible, embrace your brilliance, and captivate audiences on both virtual and physical stages?

You can design a business that supports your speaking vision and expands your impact, income, and influence by transforming audiences. 




There is serious growth happening in the speaking world today. All you need to do is discover your core message, transcend your self-imposed limitations, and step up to share your message from the stage.

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What do you think of when you hear the words, “Speak onstage.”


Many people begin to feel nervous. 


Palms sweat. 


Anxiety starts to rise.


Self-doubts become louder.


We all have internalized negative beliefs and stereotypes about baring our souls to an audience


But these thoughts are often based on self-limiting beliefs & myths we believe about successful speakers.


Top earners in motivational speaking earn $150k a year with $12k months on the regular, speakers in the 75th percentile and above earn $115k a year or $9.6k a month, and even average speakers earn $5.6k a month [source: ZipRecruiter].


So if you are an expert, coach, consultant, or ambitious professional looking for more visibility and income, what do you think ignoring your voice as a marketing asset is costing you? 

Are you ready to break free of your self-imposed limitations and leave behind your present challenges? 

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Inconsistent monthly income from taking unpaid speaking gigs & not capturing consistent referrals 

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Chasing event planners & doing endless audience building activities with no results when you already own your biggest asset (YOUR VOICE!)

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Feeling unfulfilled and not having an ounce of joy left because you aren’t sharing the wisdom you feel called to share

Hear From Our Client Anashay Wright, Took Her Educational Consulting Business & Streamlined It To Scale Through the B2C & B2B Podium


It’s why when I was in the same situation I tried the following...

Don’t you think it’s a little crazy to expect professionals, coaches, and consultants to figure out how to maneuver the whole speaking industry without a guide?


Many people spend hundreds of hours researching and attempting to learn the art of speaking through random online research or generic speaking courses, but they never find the tools & industry hacks that they need to build a sustainable speaking business and adeptly position their brand. 


And that’s on top of each of us specializing in our own fields and struggling with our internal limitations as we try to expand our businesses, manage our households, and wrangle our children or furbabies. 


Doing all the things is A LOT!


But we didn’t come here to fold when the stakes get high…


We came to step up and bet on our profound gifts.


The truth is that you know you are special and that your story can transform lives.


You just haven’t figured out how to package it in a way that connects with diverse audiences and hooks event planners yet.

I remember when I first dreamed of sharing my message from the podium…


  • I was so motivated to begin transmitting the wisdom I had inside, but I was confused about how to take the next steps toward my calling
  • I had a few areas of focus that I considered presenting but I hadn’t locked down my signature topic yet so that I could brand myself in the minds of event planners
  • I worried that I wasn’t extroverted enough, funny enough, or flawless enough to succeed onstage
  • I spent weeks pitching myself to every single national organization that held events in the dental field and was devastated to receive only one reply which was a no from someone I knew


It isn’t a surprise that many people never move past their initial challenges & limiting beliefs to walk on stage and share their message.

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Each of us has a voice, a story, and valuable lessons to transmit 

I knew I needed guidance to achieve success and build an income from speaking...

I went to the gurus in the speaking industry, took their courses, and left with new friends and generic plans but no customized strategy, no presentation skills, and most importantly my signature keynote was still not packaged right.


I still didn’t have the tools I needed to pitch and hook event planners with my speaking brand…


(In fact, during one of my hardest months after running a 6-figure business, I spent thousands of dollars on said programs, followed their cookie-cutter approaches, spent 60 hours a week working round the clock, only to make $900 in revenue.)


I was worried. Even though I felt called to speak, I didn't know how to earn the revenue that would allow me to support my children and husband in living our best lives. 


But I soon came to realize that no one can take away what has been uniquely given to all of us. 


Each of us has a voice, a story, and valuable lessons to transmit. 


Instead of giving up on my speaking vision, I took my God-given abilities, discovered my signature topic, and got my entire speaking business in alignment with my inner vision and passion


I stepped up by engaging a coach to help me through the next steps of scaling my speaking business and began building my own platforms through podcasting and hosting my own events. 


I acquired the skills to present with finesse & handle audience resistance, developed The H.E.A.R.T Methodology™ to connect with audiences, and positioned my signature speaking program in a way that had event planners seeking me out!


Through perseverance, audacity, and a powerful coach, I broke through the chains of what was holding me back from growing my speaking business & my visibility.

Becoming a Legacy Scaler™ set me up on a business journey that helped me reach $20k+ months in revenue, speak to & educate over 10,000 people around the country, create 3 successful podcasts, and coach dozens of experts, coaches, consultants and ambitious professionals to reach their own success on the stage. And now I want to help you achieve your vision of speaking success!


Legacy Scaler™



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Our transformative step-by-step proprietary process, The H.E.AR.T Methodology™, will help you create presentations to reach the H.E.A.R.T of your audience and create programs that connect & engage with your audience.


Our Legacy Scaler™ Framework will help you create the foundation & systems in your business so that you can create a sustainable source of income through speaking.  


Our program focuses on creating engaging presentations, scalable systems for the stage, and organic marketing to position yourself as a professional speaker


Perfect for near or at six figures & beyond business owners ready to reach more with their expertise, professionals who are experts in their own field, and current speakers ready to refine their message and scale their business!



Transform Your Life and Business Today:

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Create a sustainable speaking business with a consistent revenue stream (without unethical business practices aka selling your soul for a buck)

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Package your expertise into a signature keynote, course, or workshop that captivates audiences and event planners alike so that you can establish your legacy

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Increase your brand visibility and generate consistent well-paid speaking engagements & referrals

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Increase your business revenue by $5k - $10k+ month from speaking

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Organize the systems & automation that support your speaking business vision

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Confidence in your innate gifts & message and their impact onstage

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Develop marketing & visibility plans that align with your signature topic and offerings

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Serve & find qualified clients without running ads

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Receive a deep feeling of fulfillment from directly impacting people's lives


Go to sleep at night knowing that you are transmitting the message you have been called to share AND be paid for the value your message brings to the audience.

Hear From Our Client Jasmine Smith, Streamlined Her Systems & Client Journey With A 300%+ ROI. She started with 50-60  hours/week to 3-5 hours/week after our program.


Now Is YOUR Time...

Don’t miss out on this tremendous opportunity!

Many experts, coaches, consultants, and ambitious professionals spend thousands of dollars each year on courses or programs that push a cookie-cutter approach to learning the speaking business. It's time that you choose a program that is intimate, customized, and aligns with your core message and values


Plus, when you are in alignment internally you will reap the benefits externally in your health, fulfillment, relationships, and business profitability. #abundanceineverything

All of the best speakers have two choices, keep everything the same (inconsistent paid speaking gigs, unsuccessfully chasing audiences and event planners, lack of confidence on stage & lack of brand visibility) or choose radical change that will lead to building an audacious speaking career that impacts lives (feel fulfilled, increased income, abundant client relationships, consistent referrals & establishing your legacy). #legacyscaler


Our Rockstar Clients...

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I reached out to Jasmin I at a point that I didn’t know what direction to go but I knew I couldn’t give up on my purpose and passion! When she spoke to me it changed the trajectory of my life! 

She gave me practical ways that I could promote my brand and save money. She planted new ideas in my vision and gave me direction. She helped me set goals and completed them. She was easy to communicate with and touchable. She believed in my success just as much as I did and that was so important to me. 

She walked with me until I was running.

Sonya Dunbar, Owner/CEO of Geriatric Toothfairy

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I didn’t know where to begin with building and growing a business, a brand, submitting abstracts, talking with potential clients, and event organizers.

With Jasmin’s honest coaching, encouragement, support, her sharing her experiences and expertise, I am building my business and my brand with a new and renewed set of goals and with a 'Can Do' attitude. Doing it scared, instead of moving into the future and looking back saying “I wish I would have gone after my dream".

Susan Cotten, Owner and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting LLC

Hear From Our Client Gretchen Bridgers, Streamlined her offers, business structure, and vision for alignment



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Jasmin Haley grew her profitable business while honoring her God-given talents. She is taking her expertise in education, her gifts in speaking, and her strategic mind to help entrepreneurs build their own confidence and success in professional speaking.

Here are some cool facts about Jasmin:

  1. New York City-born and bred but North Carolina is where she calls home.
  2. She loves to dance and sing karaoke.
  3. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
  4. She has two children and they started their own business in 2020. 
  5. She was formerly trained in the dental industry. She spent over 19 years in dentistry that required meticulous attention to detail (you know how tiny teeth are??). She took her love for teeth, education, public health, to create her own heart-centered & profitable business.
  6. She is committed to helping more entrepreneurial women do the same, creating meaningful lives and their business legacy. 
  7. Her curriculum vitae is over 30 pages long and she is a learner at heart. She loves to learn and find new ways to do things efficiently while also maintaining her integrity & values.
  8. She is a certified behavioral consultant, where she uses her training on DISC to help teams and CEOs master their communication skills and understand their own personalities. She is currently working on becoming a Certified Master Marketer.



Erin is a Copy Coach and Content Creator specializing in helping female entrepreneurs craft copy that refines their brand and authentically connects with their audience. Her passion for words, research, and female empowerment translates into content that expands business reach and allows women to succeed in their entrepreneurial goals. She is focused on helping women hone their content to clarify the essence of their message and hook the right clients.

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Hear From Our Client 

Julia Worrall, Leveled Up Her Business Consulting Offers & Systems After Years Of International  Speaking & Writing



Who it's for:

  • An established business that is ready to scale to $20k+ months and beyond
  • If you are a business owner or ambitious professional: coach, consultant, speaker, lawyer, accountant, HR strategist, and beyond.
  • If you are an empowered woman ready to take action.
  • If you are ready to stop making excuses, be held accountable, and put in the hard work to make your speaking dreams a reality.
  • If you believe in creating an anti-racist business and providing a safe & brave place for all.
  • If you are ready and open-minded to take massive action and committed to working strategically on your speaking business for the next 6 months.

Who it's NOT for:

  • This isn’t for you if are an aspiring business owner and are not near or at the 6-figure revenues in business.
  • If you’re not ready to commit to your internal transformation and the work that it takes to build your legacy.
  • If you aren't willing to be accountable for the role your leadership plays in the growth of your business.
  • If you are not interested in creating transformation from the stage.
  • If you don’t believe in diversity of thought, mind, and action, and in creating a world where everyone has a seat at the table.
  • If you are not committed to making tough decisions, investing in the right systems, or hiring the right team to support the scaling of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee

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Still not convinced?


The Legacy Scaler™ promise:

If you join this program, show up, and are open and willing to be coached, you will see growth and transformation in your speaking business that will allow you to build your business legacy and create a meaningful life. 


What are the costs to your business, your family, and the audiences waiting to hear your message if you continue to ignore the power of your VOICE?  


The Legacy Scaler™ HEART-Driven Speaker program only selects qualified candidates that we know we can absolutely have a positive impact on in their speaking business and their lives. Our program is intentionally designed to uphold the ethics and integrity of its CEO and founder, Jasmin Haley.


All members of our program will be seen & heard. We will immerse our team in learning and researching the ins and outs of your business and work side-by-side with you to help you attain growth in your speaking biz and amplify your impact, influence, and income. 


However, the results of the program are a result of your accountability, hard work, and willingness to try heart-centered speaking and business methods that will keep you in alignment with your core message and God-given gifts. 


Our program is committed to your speaking success and has made it non-negotiable, we are just waiting for you to commit to the same. 

Apply today and let us help you transform your speaking business and life.

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Seven years ago I was going through the same struggle you find yourself in right now.


I knew I had a transformative message to share, but I wasn’t a published author yet and I didn’t have access to the platforms for speaking that I needed to make an impact in my community’s lives. I was also hesitant to embrace my vulnerability and be visible on stage. 


Fate handed me an ultimatum through a downturn in my health, the passing of my beloved mother, and an epic case of burnout. 


I answered by setting out to pursue my speaking dreams. 


I remember every moment of stepping onstage for my first professional speaking gig. 


It was in front of 50 professionals on a weekday evening after many people finished work for the day. I was incredibly nervous, printed out all of my slides (over 100 of them with notes), and punched holes in them to fit in a binder (extra is an understatement!). 


I gave my presentation without glancing at my notes at all. 


It was exhilarating and empowering to share my message on stage. 


This initial step led me to create my first business in 2016 which I grew to over six figures through speaking, events and consulting. In 2019, I left the healthcare industry to focus my business on helping other professionals, experts, and entrepreneurial women build successful speaking businesses and amplify their voices & brands. 


The Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network was founded in 2020 and our Legacy Scaler™ HEART-Driven Speaker program came to follow. 


If you know you are worthy of more, seize this opportunity.


I’ll be here with the Breakthrough to Excellence™ team, guiding you to break through your limitations and establish your speaking legacy.




It's Time To Transform The Hearts Of Your Audience!

See Your Speaking Business Vision Become Reality