For every overworked entrepreneur who wants more...

The Secret To Escaping Burnout & Overwhelm: How to Grow Your Business & Create An Equally Abundant Life


Scale your business & establish your legacy. Increase your impact, income & influence!


On Average Burnout Costs...

...between $125 billion and $190 billion a year in healthcare costs (Harvard Business Review), what do you think being overworked & unfulfilled is costing your business? 

Have you done the math for your own business?

  • Unable to take a vacation or a day off for years
  • Long working hours and not having enough time to say hello to your family or kiss your kids to bed at night
  • Chronic stress levels leading to debilitating illness or pain that you can’t explain
  • Repeated insufficient fees in your business bank account because the paid work in your business isn’t consistent or profitable, frankly, you are stretched too thin

It’s not just that entrepreneurs are not equipped to figure this out on their own. They certainly could spend hundreds of hours researching and learning through trial & error.  But consider this, we are managing our own households, wrangling our children or furbabies, and leading our team as we grow & scale our businesses. 

It’s a lot and it can be challenging, scary, & rewarding all at the same time. They didn’t call it the entrepreneur roller coaster for no reason. 

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Assuming a best-case scenario...


... you’ve done the research and the trial & error, finally reached the pinnacle of 6-figures in your business and you realized that you are worn out and still entrepreneurial broke.

That’s right, reaching 6-figures in your business felt like The Amazing Race that never ends because you don’t have the time or financial means to take a break without fearing that your business will fall apart.

I remember when I hit my first 6-figures in my business…

  • After 10-12 hour days, I would have little time to make meaningful moments with my family and if I did, I would have in the back of my mind my next business responsibility because every second counted
  • Even though I had a team, I was still the bottleneck, every decision was reliant upon me and I wasn’t allowing my team to serve as leaders in their own right
  • I could never get a hold of my time and would drop the ball left and right in my business, always catching up and never getting ahead. Drowning in tasks from my own doing! 
  • Arriving at six-figures, had me feeling exhausted and I started my business for more freedom & impact and not to feel chained to being burnt out. Business is meant to be built with ease!

It isn’t a surprise that many people decide to quit their business because of overwhelm or burn out.

What if your business visions could become reality?

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You are able to make an impact in your community while building your business legacy.

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Your business is profitable & you aren't suffering through the feast & famine seasons.

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You are able to take care of your family, take time off, work fewer hours, and support the ones you love.

Hear From Our Client Kimone Napier, Took Her Expertise & Created A Profitable & Scalable Framework


It’s why when I was in the same situation I tried the following...

I went to the biggest business gurus in the industry, took their courses, and left with biz friends but no strategy, no increased income, or impact in my community, and most importantly my time was still strapped.


I was still chained to my business...


In fact, during one of my hardest months after running a 6-figure business, I spent thousands of dollars on said programs, followed their cookie-cutter approaches, spent 60 hours a week working round the clock, only to make $900 in revenue.


I was ashamed. I felt I let my children down, I let my husband down, and regretfully myself


Instead of giving up in my business, I took my God-given abilities, streamlined my focus, and got my entire business structure & foundation aligned with what was important to me.


I began to reflect on my legacy and the message I was sending my own warrior daughters. The legacy-driven decision I used years ago to escape the corporate toxicity & chains of burnout, would be the same legacy that will help me whip my business life into shape. 


I soon came to realize that no one can take away what has been uniquely given to all of us. As soon as my business was in alignment with my vision, I was slowly able to break away from the chains of what was holding me back from growing it. 


Becoming a Legacy Scaler™ set me up on a business journey that helped me reach $20k+ months in revenue, gave me my time back, helped me establish the boundaries I needed, and create more precious memories with my family. And now I want to help you get the same experience for your business and family! 

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Is your business vision your reality or are you trapped in scaling business chaos?


Legacy Scaler™


Confidence • Curate • Create

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The transformative step-by-step strategic system for overworked entrepreneurs ready to make the most of their time, increase their profits, while creating an equally abundant life that establishes their legacy. 


Our program focuses on building a scalable offer, scalable systems, and a scalable organic marketing plan


Perfect for near or at six-figures & beyond entrepreneurs!



Transform Your Life and Business:

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Shift your business & increase your revenue beyond $20k+ months (without unethical business practices aka selling your soul for a buck)

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Enjoy more time every day so that you can care for your health & personal needs

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Create more memorable times with your family (like having family dinner every night)

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Have confidence in your own God-given strengths to reach multi-six figures with ease

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Secure the best team that enhances your strengths & supports your business vision

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Know that you can serve fully as the CEO without 10+ hours/day

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Take a month off for your dream vacation without worrying about how you can make ends meet

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Serve & find qualified clients without running ads

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Package your expertise into irresistible offers so that you can establish your business legacy


Go to sleep in peace at night without waking up in dread or fear that everything in your business will fall apart.

Hear From Our Client Jasmine Smith, Streamlined Her Systems & Client Journey With A 300%+ ROI. She started with 50-60  hours/week to 3-5 hours/week after our program.


Our Philosophy Is Simple

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Become firmly rooted in your strengths & fiercely protect your most valuable assets.

Most entrepreneurs have created their business because of a strong resolve and to make a greater impact. In this module, you will rediscover yourself to align your genius with the foundation of your business & your client’s needs. Even if you’ve been in business for years, you’ll use our one-of-a-kind methods to gain confidence in your business model, whom you serve, and in the business legacy you are creating. 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Acquire your complete business foundation and that is aligned with your God-given strengths
  • Develop a firm plan to protect your most valuable assets in business and in life
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Organize your business foundation to support your vision & goals.

Most entrepreneurs have created impact within their business but fall short with the structure necessary to create sustainable growth. In this module, you will strengthen the pillars that support your business longevity and create the systems that will protect your most valuable assets. 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Develop & strengthen your systems that support your sales, operations, and marketing
  • Establish a consistent income-generating program that is scalable  
  • Gather swipeable files & operational metrics so build your multi-six figure business with ease
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Build visibility that increases your impact, income, and influence!

Most entrepreneurs have remained hidden gems in their industry and therefore not able to serve the clients who need their services. In this module, you will learn how to expand your visibility while incorporating your strengths, story, and legacy. 

Here's what you're going to learn:

  • Expand your brand visibility through organic heart-centered marketing
  • Design the legacy-driven offers and funnels that will support your business vision

Now Is YOUR Time...

Don't Miss Out!

Many entrepreneurs spend thousands of dollars each year on courses or programs that push a cookie cutter approach to business, it’s time that you choose a program that aligns with your God-given strengths


Plus, when you are in alignment internally you will reap the benefits externally in your health, fulfillment, relationships, and business profitability. #abundanceineverything


All of the best entrepreneurs have two choices, keep everything the same (burnout, overworked, unfulfilled & underpaid) or choose radical change that will lead to establishing your legacy (more time, increased income, abundant personal relationships, & overall happiness). #breakthroughtoexcellence


Our Rockstar Clients...

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I reached out to Jasmin I at a point that I didn’t know what direction to go but I knew I couldn’t give up on my purpose and passion! When she spoke to me it changed the trajectory of my life! 

She gave me practical ways that I could promote my brand and save money. She planted new ideas in my vision and gave me direction. She helped me set goals and completed them. She was easy to communicate with and touchable. She believed in my success just as much as I did and that was so important to me. 

She walked with me until I was running.

Sonya Dunbar, Owner/CEO of Geriatric Toothfairy

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I didn’t know where to begin with building and growing a business, a brand, submitting abstracts, talking with potential clients, and event organizers.

With Jasmin’s honest coaching, encouragement, support, her sharing her experiences and expertise, I am building my business and my brand with a new and renewed set of goals and with a 'Can Do' attitude. Doing it scared, instead of moving into the future and looking back saying “I wish I would have gone after my dream".

Susan Cotten, Owner and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting LLC

Hear From Our Client Gretchen Bridgers, Streamlined her offers, business structure, and vision for alignment



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Jasmin Haley grew her profitable business while honoring her God-given talents. She is taking her expertise in education, her love for all things tech & marketing, and her strategic mind to help entrepreneurs build their own confidence and CEO Roadmap™ to their success.

Here are some cool facts about Jasmin:

  1. New York City-born and bred but North Carolina is where she calls home.
  2. She loves to dance and sing karaoke.
  3. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
  4. She has two children and they started their own business in 2020. She is a virtual homeschooling mom that manages her household and growing a profitable business. 
  5. She was formerly trained in the dental industry. She spent over 19 years in dentistry that required meticulous attention to detail (you know how tiny teeth are??). She took her love for teeth, education, public health, to create her own heart-centered & profitable business.
  6. She is committed to helping more entrepreneurial women do the same, creating meaningful lives and their business legacy. 
  7. Her curriculum vitae is over 30 pages long and she is a learner at heart. She loves to learn and find new ways to do things efficiently while also maintaining her integrity & values.
  8. She is a certified behavioral consultant, where she uses her training on DISC to help teams and CEOs master their communication skills and understand their own personalities. She is currently working on becoming a Certified Master Marketer (all things funnels, yay!). Her next wish list for certifications: Asana certification (coming soon!!).



Erin is a Copy Coach and Content Creator specializing in helping female entrepreneurs craft copy that refines their brand and authentically connects with their audience. Her passion for words, research, and female empowerment translates into content that expands business reach and allows women to succeed in their entrepreneurial goals. She is focused on helping women hone their content to clarify the essence of their message and hook the right clients.

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Hear From Our Client 

Julia Worrall, Leveled Up Her Business Consulting Offers & Systems After Years Of International  Speaking & Writing



Who it's for:

  • An established business that is ready to scale to $20k+ months and beyond
  • If you are a service-based business owner: coach, consultant, speaker, lawyer, accountant, HR strategist, and beyond.
  • If you are an empowered woman ready to take action.
  • If you are ready to stop making excuses, be held accountable, and put in the hard work to make your dreams a reality.
  • If you believe in creating an anti-racist business and providing a safe & brave place for all.
  • If you are ready and open-minded to take massive action and committed to working strategically on your business for the next 12 months.

Who it's NOT for:

  • This isn’t for you if are an aspiring business owner and are not near or at the 6-figure revenues in business.
  • If you’re not ready to commit to your internal transformation and the work that it takes to build your legacy.
  • If you aren't willing to be accountable for the role your leadership plays in the growth of your business.
  • If you are a product-based business owner.
  • If you don’t believe in diversity of thought, mind, and action, and in creating a world where everyone has a seat at the table.
  • If you are not committed to making tough decisions, investing in the right systems, or hiring the right team to support the scaling of your business.


Frequently Asked Questions

Our Guarantee

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Still not convinced?

The Legacy Scaler™ promise:

If you join this program, show up, and are open and willing to be coached, you will see a shift in your business that will allow you to support your business vision and create an equally abundant life. 

What is the cost to your well-being, family, and business if you continue on the road of burnout & overwhelm? 

The Legacy Scaler™ program only selects qualified candidates that we know can absolutely have a positive impact on their lives and business. Our program is intentionally designed to uphold the ethical and integrity-filled values of its CEO and founder, Jasmin Haley.

All members of our program will be seen & heard. We will know the ins-and-outs of your own business and work side-by-side with you in helping you attain business growth and escape burnout. 

However, the results of the program are a result of your accountability, hard work, and willingness to try heart-centered methods that will keep you in alignment with your God-given strengths

Our program has committed to your success and has made it non-negotiable, we are just waiting for you to commit to the same. 

Apply today and let us help you transform your business and life.

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I remember the lowest point in my life when I didn’t deal with my burnout and allowed it to fester. It was October 20, 2014, a year after my mother’s passing and a night I should have been celebrating my wedding anniversary.

What should have been a night full of gratitude and love ended with me going to urgent care. 

After an amazing meal with my family, I came home riddled with debilitating gastrointestinal pain. So severe that the only relief I felt was from lying on the bathroom floor.

As I laid there, my five-year-old daughter heard me moaning and walked into the bathroom. Her sweet face immediately transformed into a look of terror.

This wasn’t Mommy’s first visit to the hospital or urgent care. What I ignored for 2 years was my body manifesting and exhibiting signs of burnout. 

When I came to realize what I had done to myself by not managing the chronic stress, not creating boundaries, and staying in toxic environments, led me to feel shame that my daughter was witnessing her mother this way & that the result of my own decisions led me to this pit of despair.

I’m glad to say that I didn’t stay there chained to burnout, being overwhelmed, and unfulfilled. I chose to #breakthroughtoexcellence.

I took action primarily because my daughters were watching but ultimately because I learned to love myself enough to know I was worthy & deserving of more.

If you know you are worthy of more, seize this opportunity, I’ll be here with the Breakthrough to Excellence™ team, guiding you to your breakthrough as you establish your business legacy.



You Don't Need To Be Overworked & Unfulfilled To Scale A Profitable Business. 

Choose Joy and Seeing Your Business Vision Become Reality