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Jasmin Haley, MS

Speaker Consultant & Presentation Skills &
Curriculum Design Expert

Who do I serve?

I’m here to help you find your inner voice and the confidence to get on stage naked (vulnerability-wise!). It’s time to start monetizing your expertise and sharing your story with those who need to hear it.


  • Overcoming Burnout
  • Presentation Skills 
  • Communication in the Workplace

🌐 www.jasminhaley.com

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Nequosha Anderson

Founder and Managing Attorney at Anderson
Law Firm PLLC

Who I Serve:

I serve women entrepreneurs who want to ensure they
are not robbed of their income-producing ideas.


  • Planning Saves Your Assets
  • How IP Can Save Your Business

🌐 www.andersonlawfl.com

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Gretchen Bridgers

Experienced Teacher Trainer and Coach

Who I Serve:

I help new teachers and coaches gain effectiveness in the classroom by providing guidance and inspiration via instructional resources provided on my blog, podcast as well as in my store.


  • Earn Your Stripes: 3 Ways To Transform Your Teaching
  • Leave a Legacy of Leadership: Tips for Educators To Make An Impact No Matter Their Role

🌐 www.alwaysalesson.com

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Karina Mora

Professional Photographer, Speaker and
Successful Podcaster

Who I Serve:

Latinas and people of color move past assimilation and reclaim their cultural legacies. My teaching is relevant and helpful to anyone who wants to see that happen.


  • Moving Past Assimilation To Reclaiming One's Cultural Legacy
  • Honoring Vs. Appropriating: Understanding The History Of Mexican Holidays and Celebrations
  • Understanding Assimilation and Creating a Safe Space For People Of Color

🌐 www.karinamora.com

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