Conquer Your Goals
with the
ReviveHER™ Mastermind Program

Regain your life, consciousness, and strength in conquering your goals for early-stage or emerging entrepreneurs.

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You love your profession.

You have always loved learning.

You love your patients and/or clients.

But it’s simply not enough to keep you happy.

  • Your body aches from the hours of providing care.
  • The pay is hard to leave but the "why" behind why you started this profession is lost.
  • Your watching patient care lower as deductibles, general distrust, and lower standard of care raises.
  • The hours are far from what you expected (and you have no control of changing it).
  • And what’s worse, there’s more people coming into the industry with each year.

And you’ve tried to do something about it...

  •  taking CE courses??
  • attending expensive seminars in order to create change in your career??
  • listening to podcasts in order to learn what else is out there??
  • heck, you may have even reached out to a mentor or two in hopes of receiving guidance??

And all it’s gotten you is…

Well, here.

Physically and mentally sore, short on time and money, knee deep in debt and, deep down, afraid that things will always be this way.

It’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

You feel this way because you’re ready for a change.

Something bigger.

Something more impactful.

You are ready to restore life back into your personal life and professional career.

No, not letting our profession go completely but EXPANDING your passion and your mindset.

What does that look like?

For the women I work with, it centers around one or more of these six main areas:

  • Professional Speaking
  • Course Creation
  • Building a Reputable Brand
  • Starting a Business
  • Taking Bold Action Towards Your Goals
  • Automation and System creations to increase productivity and profitability

The ReviveHER™ mastermind coaching  program will provide a clear roadmap of how to identify the direction you want to take AND how to turn it into reality.

The added value will come from learning and conquering your goals with other like-minded professionals.

This program will only be open to our attendees of our Think Beyond the Prophy Conference,  Beyond the Prophy® community members or future ReviveHER™ events. 

"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

- Dale Carnegie

What's the Next Level?


The next level is your personal and professional freedom. To take the reins of your career and create a career you can be proud of.

Whether it's turning your passion project to your side hustle, speaking professionally or simply just being free to make a career decision and not being backed into the corner of “what-ifs,” you are looking for more.


However, the steps to get there have continued to be a mystery.


Until now.


Jasmin's four step process to live an inspired life and restore freedom to your professional career is implemented in her coaching program:

1. Discover Yourself

2. Self-care Mastery

3. Building Your Skills

4. Enhancing Your Knowledge

What is a Mastermind Program?

A mastermind program allows you to be surrounded by positive peer pressure, expand your network, assist you in developing the confidence in reaching your greatest potential, and surround yourself with other professionals who are highly motivated and committed to growing personally and professionally.

A Mastermind Program Will Provide...


A mastermind program provides you the accountability you need to take the necessary steps to improve your career. 


From downloads, fillable worksheets, connecting you with the right people, this program will provide you with resources that your coach has available and leverage them for your own personal use to conquer your goals.


Gain the clarity you need in determining your next step. Identify the self-made blocks that have hindered you from achieving your goals.


Have a free, safe, and open space to learn and grow with your coach and group members. 


Receive custom action-plans for your specific goals so you never have to second guess your path (or how to get there) again.


If you are willing to work hard and achieve the next level you will achieve results that will get you closer to professional freedom. 

"BTP has helped me launch my new career. The guidance I received has afforded me the opportunity to create a platform for myself. BTP helped me streamline my goals into reality. It has been a great experience. Jasmin has been instrumental in helping me create a lane that does not exist. Her selflessness and her true desire to change lives is immeasurable. She is trust worthy (we could talk about anything) and sincere. I am grateful to have her in my corner."

Kimberly Farley, RDH, MHSc
Speaker and Owner of Oral Health & Wellness Learning LLC

"I want to first off- thank you Jasmin! I so enjoyed our sessions! Your positivity and energy are infectious! You gave me a focus; not only to start working towards my new career while I’m still in school, but on making myself better. I hope to still be able to keep in touch as things continue to move forward. I’ll bring the cheese and wine!"

Kim Knutson, RDH

"Working with Beyond the Prophy has set me on the path to fulfill the next level of my career. I have learned so much about how to leverage my skills into something amazing! Jasmin is supportive, empathetic, and selflessly gives of her time, and is the biggest cheerleader! I really didn't know what to expect when I was selected for the Mastermind group. But I can tell you that I am so glad I was and I know that my life is changing because of it. I am on my way to something big and I am not so sure I would have discovered it without the guidance I received (and still receiving) from Jasmin. I will be forever grateful for the experience, and I support Beyond the Prophy 100%. Jasmin is more than a coach, she is a guidance counselor and will help you find your path. If you are already on your path, she can help you by giving you sound advice, tough love, and supportive feedback. She is knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Beyond the Prophy for setting a new path for Dental Hygienists! Thank you Jasmin for all that you do and thank you for all that you have done for me!"

Kimberly Farley, RDH, MHSc
Speaker and Owner of Oral Health & Wellness Learning LLC

"Jasmin help me see that there is more side of an hygienist than the chairside part. For the most of us, we thrive to learn and spread that knowledge, we are passionate and we care for our community. So Jasmin help me tap into that! Thank you!"

Kassopia Arsenault, RDH

"Filled with numerous A-HA moments, Jasmin helped me dig deep and clarify my vision. I told her I want to grow up to be like her, even though I have a decade on her! Jasmin is compassionate but crystal clear in her coaching style - I look forward to continued professional growth with her guidance. Next step, Beyond the Prophy Conference!"

Lucy Pavao, RDH
Corporate Sales

"Jasmin helped me realize that my why is important and that I to share it and my message with the rest of the world. Her ability to see this and encourage me to move forward has been pivotal in my speaking career. I learned so much from her on how to fine tune my presentation and am looking forward to working with her again on creating a new presentation. Jasmin is so fun to work with and so knowledgeable. I used to think I could do everything myself, I now realize investing in myself with coaching is invaluable."

Kyle Isaacs, RDHEP, BS
Speaker and Owner of Miles 2 Smiles LLC

"The communication was top notch! I was impressed with video responses and summaries that were sent. There are so many things I had not thought about that I was able to incorporate into my overall strategy. The presentation of the information was guided and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend!"

Devon Banks
Owner of D-Tech Billing and Services

"She helped me focus my energy where it needed to be."

Amy Brown Williford, RDH
Coach and Consultant with Inspired Hygiene

"I chose to work with Jasmin because she has a successful podcast and felt her knowledge would be beneficial to my start up podcast phase work. I appreciate how she goes over and above with information. She really made sure myself and my team understood the steps and process of how pieces fit together and worked together. We are looking forward to getting our podcast rolling and fully expect Jasmin to be one of our first guests on our show!"

Corinne Jameson- Kuehl, RDH, BS
CEO of Custom Dental Solutions

"Jasmin was very encouraging along the way and pushed me when I was feeling doubtful. She is a go getter and that rubbed off on me- it really helped me to keep going. The extra resources and recommendations were very helpful. She went out of her way to take care of things for me and I truly appreciate it."

Karolynn Hilaski, RDH
CEO of Wholeistic Connect

"Jasmin organized and focused on key factors that would grow my non-profit. Her strategic insight and expertise helped the organization and its revenue tremendously. After our first session, I started to see improvements with memberships and target groups. This success directly correlates with the action plan given by Jasmin. She is upfront and realistic. I am most satisfied with the expectations and outcomes. Thank you Sis!"

Martelle Twitty, RDH
Founder of BrowngirlRDH

"I started with Jasmin as a coaching client and shortly thereafter, transitioned to a business partner…. 18 months later I am still a coaching client. Why you may ask. She said it herself “over the years my friends and colleagues often reach out to me to find out information or get help sorting their scattered mind”. Jasmin is the queen of systems, automation, and processes!⠀As an educator and entrepreneur juggling multiple roles and businesses, it is essential that I have automated systems in place to streamline my processes in order to maximize my productivity and profitability. Jasmin is a master strategist and her expertise will help take your business to the next level."

Dr. Joy Void-Holmes RDH
Owner of Dr. Joy RDH

Past clients we've worked with...

  • Starting speaking career
  • Building a new coaching or consulting program
  • Starting a new podcast
  • Building professional brand
  • Creating new curriculum or revising curriculum
  • Creating processes in business to become organized and profitable
  • Hosting continuing education events
  • Becoming a continuing education provider
  • and more! 

What's included in the ReviveHER™ Mastermind Program?

  • (6) 1-hour group coaching calls with private access to replays (2 per month)
  • Document Review (3 per month) by Jasmin for any of your goals 
  • Personalized Group Coaching with Jasmin the CEO of Beyond the Prophy
  • Complete clarity on what your next level is and how to make it a reality.
  • (3) Customized action plans to reach your goals 
  • Private 24/7 Access via Voxer during the 3-month mastermind program with Jasmin (walkie-talkie messaging app)
  • Evening meetings so you can maintain your 9-5 schedule

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Book your 20-minute Strategy Call with Jasmin

Frequently Asked Questions

  • (6) 1-hour group coaching calls with private access to replays (2 per month)
  • Document Review (3 per month) by Jasmin for any of your goals 
  • Personalized Group Coaching with Jasmin the CEO of Beyond the Prophy
  • Complete clarity on what your next level is and how to make it a reality.
  • (3) Customized action plans to reach your goals 
  • Private 24/7 Access via Voxer during the 3-month mastermind program with Jasmin (walkie-talkie messaging app)
  • Evening meetings so you can maintain your 9-5 schedule

The mastermind program is for 3 months.

You will receive (3) custom actions plans given at the beginning of each month.

You will have private access to Jasmin 24/7 on voxer to communicate as you put into action the strategic plan created by your coach. 


Although Jasmin cannot provide legal advice for your business, she can review your documents, plans, ideas, and more to provide guidance as you achieve your action plan.

You are allowed to submit (3) documents per month, regardless of the size.

The mastermind group will meet twice a month. Once in the beginning and towards the end of the month. 

The group will decide on the date and time for meeting by vote. It will fall on the same day of the week at the same time each month during the mastermind program.

All meetings will take place in the evening to allow for group members to go to their respective employment. 

All meetings will be recorded and placed in a private area for review later by members of the group.

Jasmin is splitting her full 1:1 coaching program with up to (4) dedicated professionals who join the group coaching program. This allows members to get the full mentorship and accountability they need with 3/4 the cost of the full coaching experience.

Each member will split the cost of the full coaching program and still reap the benefits of coaching with the added benefit of peer mentorship!


You may contact Jasmin at [email protected] to discuss working with her longer than the 3-month period.

1) You are contacted by the Jasmin Haley Team with a special invitation to the ReviveHER™ mastermind program.

2) You inform the team you are interested in proceeding forward.

3) You complete & submit an electronic written application. 

4) We review your application.

5)  We contact you via email on the status of your application and next steps. 

Yes, we do! When you set up your strategy call with Jasmin we can discuss our 1:1 options.

Beyond the Prophy Earnings Disclaimers: We don't believe in "get rich" programs - only in hard work, adding value, building a fulfilling professional career, serving others from the heart, and seeking roles within and outside of dentistry that promotes career excellence. Our progams are created to help you gain confidence, the momentum, and the clarity to create a career that provides you joy and allows you to make a difference in the dental industry. Our programs take work, discipline, and are not a "get rich" quick scheme. As stipulated by the law, we cannot and will not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn money with the ideas, tools, and strategies shared in this online on-demand program. We are here to help you achieve personal and professional freedom but that is entirely up to YOU. You have to take action. Do you agree? We are helping you by providing valuable content, direction, and strategies. What we can guarantee is if you are not satisfied with the on-demand Career Advancement Website you can cancel at any time. All the products and services available from Beyond the Prophy are educational and informational only. None of the information on our website, services, products, events, or online courses, are guarantees of results or future earnings, and we cannot offer medical, dental, legal, business, tax, or professional advice. Any financial numbers discussed or referenced anywhere on the site are for illustrative purposes and should not be considered as promises of actual or future performance. Making any decisions based on information presented in our products, events, services, or website, should be done only with the knowledge that you can experience risks or losses just like any professional endeavor. Use caution and always seek the advice of your accountant, lawyer, or professional advisor, before acting on this information. You alone are responsible and accountable for your actions, decisions, and results and by your registration here you agree not to attempt to hold us liable for your decisions, actions or results, at any time,  or under any circumstance. We feel transparency and integrity are core values that have extreme importance and we hold you and ourselves to this high standard of excellence. This is why this disclaimer is on our website and why you may contact us if you have any questions. Remember to continue to learn, connect, and seek career excellence at all times! With excellence, the Beyond the Prophy Team.


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