Legacy Scaler®: H.E.A.R.T Driven Speaker Program

Put Your Brilliant IP Into The Systems & Packages That Make Your Speaking Brand Undeniable!


Are you searching for the guidance needed to package your expertise into frameworks & proprietary processes that bring in abundant leads and income?


Are you lacking tools to build a successful funnel with speaking and scale your business to 7-figures and beyond?


The Legacy Scaler®: H.E.A.R.T Driven Speaker Program can provide you with the expert guidance, knowledge, and actionable tools you need to accomplish this and more!



Our cohort style consulting program is designed to support you in constructing a framework, biz foundation, and strategy for your brilliance so you can move beyond just speaking and build consistent income streams through speaking & training.

This experience is for executive leaders, coaches, current speakers, consultants, biz owners, and rockstar professionals who want to amplify their brand and scale their business to 7 figures and beyond by leveraging their intellectual capital.

With my years of award-winning speaking experience and our amazing in-house Copy Coach and Graphic Designer (plus other guest experts), you will receive all the necessary insights and actionable tools to grow your speaking business to reach new levels of success and revenue.

We will walk you through the cognitive shifts and system building needed to begin funneling consistent leads into your business, get paid for the value your expertise brings, and transition from speaking about anything to becoming a speaker with a structure to your expertise so you can build your legacy!

What’s Inside?

For 90 days, you will organize and systematize your intellectual capital, align your offerings with your expertise, and build out speaking as a funnel through your systems, structure, and framework so you can begin leveraging your intellectual capital for greater impact & income.

With insight from myself and my team, you will develop your signature speaking programs (up to 3), create your speaking marketing assets (speaker media kits & one-pagers), and learn The H.E.A.R.T Methodology™ to create presentations that connect with audiences and build long-term relationships, PLUS discover organic marketing strategies to accelerate results in your speaking business.

After the 90-day program, we continue to provide follow-up support for 3-months through our FB group and list you in our Legacy Speaker™ directory.

Not to mention that your learning environment will be an intimate container of thought leaders, fellow speakers, executive leaders, and ambitious professionals where you can be sure the focus is on YOU and make connections to inspire and support you on your journey.

Hear From Clients In The Program 

Dr. Michele P.

In joining the MM I FINALLY, with Jasmin's guidance figured out how speaking fit into my business, how to drive my audience to something after I spoke and how to do less in my talks and hone in on what the real story is...what really matters to the audience. I stopped using verbal diarrhea to manage my own discomfort and started changing lives as a speaker.

Karina M.

I booked my first paid speaking engagement this year! 

I have gained confidence in sharing my own story and using my voice to help others as they reclaim their cultural legacy! 

I have designed a signature talk, and a framework to leverage my message giving me the confidence to pitch myself.

Dr. Taniqua M.

The Legacy Speaker program has given me order and systems to really professionalize... Prior to the program, I gave lots academic talks for free. I didn’t really think of the content I was creating as Intellectual property. 

Not only was I able to build out powerful frameworks from which I can create webinars, courses, and workshops, I use Jasmin’s methodology to tell the story and truly captivate the audience. I have successfully been chosen for several speaking opportunities, including the Mom 2.0 summit n Arizona May 2023. I’ll be going the stage with mom content creators with hundred of thousands of followers. This program has truly taught me what is possible for professional speaking, I am a fan for life!

Chrysta W.

Participating in the [Legacy Scaler Ultimate Speaker Experience] has provided me with a new way to think about, design, and produce my keynotes, workshops...even podcast episodes. 

Jasmin is a speaker consultant, but the secret is that she's also a business development expert, too. In talking about how to build speaking as a revenue stream for my business, we also developed other offers using one of her many signature frameworks. 

When asked "do you speak on conference panels?" I was able to use Jasmin's template and H.E.A.R.T. Methodology to produce a speaker one-sheet and submit to conference planners.

Jasmin helped me develop a strategy to "sell from the stage", develop a unique strategy for a virtual lead magnet woven into my talking points! 

Helped me understand how my consulting business framework can be used to build offers, courses, and a signature talk. She even helped me refine the business framework!

More than anything, beyond her incredible courses and materials, what Jasmin provides is her guidance and expertise: it's this coaching that has helped me get unstuck and more clear.

What’s included:

(2) Monthly Group Presentation Skills Calls & Practice Sessions for Your Training Programs
Signature Speaking Programs Created
(Up to 3!)
with Personalized Feedback, Copy Review & Edits

Speaking Monetization Plan
(Understand how to make serious coin!)

Build Out Your Offers and Sales Cycles with Speaking as a Foundation
Assets for IP protection (Speaker agreement templates and more!)
Custom-Designed Speaker Marketing Assets (One-pager, speaker media kit, and more done by our team!)
Custom Designed Speaker Framework (Where the $$$ resides in licensing your IP)

Refine Or Set Up Entire Speaking Business In 90-days

Copy Coach Reviews & Edits
For Speaker Collateral
(You don’t have to be a copy expert!)

Personalized Private Feedback & Submissions For Your Speaking Biz
(You don’t have to broadcast your IP;
it’s kept private amongst our team)

6 months of access to the curriculum (Including guest experts & bonus training videos)

Community-Curated Experiences

Modulated content & bonus training videos covering presentation skills, slide design, lead nurturing, offers, sales cycle, & comprehensive business strategy for speaking

1:1 private Voxer Office Hours With A Speaking Coach

On-demand audio podcast for our modulated content to listen to

Discount tickets on
in-person events

Timeframe: 90 days of curriculum, including additional 3 months of coaching support.


All of the above, plus (2) 1:1 sessions with Jasmin:
$18k (Pay in full or Payment Plan)

If you’re trying to make a difference for your community, take your IP to a higher level, and reach 7-figures and beyond, this is the foundational course that will take you there.

I invite you to join us in the ultimate strategic speaking consulting program today!


Meet Jasmin

Jasmin is an award-winning speaker, author, consultant, legacy-driven leader, and podcaster dedicated to helping audiences understand that the time is now if they want to make an impact and serve their communities from the heart.

She has spoken to and educated over 10,000 audience members since she began her career in speaking and has impacted countless others through her podcasts, educational programs, and consulting business. Her proprietary process, The H.E.A.R.T. Methodology™ for connecting with audiences guarantees that attendees will leave your event motivated & transformed.

 Jasmin is a thought leader & pioneer of professional speaking in healthcare where she developed the diversity conversation within oral care.  She continues to bring an inclusive mindset to every stage and room that she steps onto so that every audience member feels welcome. She is a sought after speaker who delivers powerful results for her audiences and has been featured and worked with national healthcare media outlets such as American Dental Hygienists’ Association, Colgate, Crest, RDH Magazine, and more.

 Today Jasmin shares her transformative message on stages and platforms around the country. Her inclusive message in burnout, becoming legacy-driven, and how to create presentations that reach the HEART have impacted the lives of her audience members and transformed the professionals she has coached to business growth and successful speaking careers.