Meet Jasmin

Meet Jasmin

Award-Winning National Speaker. Podcaster. Pro Educator. Biz Strategist.


Almost 8 years ago, the woman you see today did not exist. Her passion and brilliance were simmered down to non-existence because she opted to play small and live her life in fear. Her unwillingness to learn who she was, her choice to be a people pleaser, and allow her voice to be silenced, would lead her to live a life full of chronic stress, depression, and anxiety.

Jasmin eventually hit the pit of despair and she wrongly thought that it can easily be fixed by finding a new job and leaving the dental industry.

Repeated visits to the emergency rooms, unexplainable severe gastrointestinal pain, debilitating migraines, panic attacks, irritability nearly every week were not enough for her to take action for change.

It wasn't until the tragic and unexpected death of her mother did she truly get to see the futility of life. In the premature loss in the hopes and dreams of her mother, she realized she was living her life caged and unhappy. She was truly burnt out!

She came to the realization it was time for a change. It was time to LIVE her life, to FACE her fears, to take CARE of herself, and to NURTURE the Queen within.  

Her decision led to the creation of her queendom.

She built a six-figure business and a highly recognizable brand in the healthcare industry. 

In 2020, Jasmin made the courageous decision to pivot her brand outside of dentistry and focus on entrepreneurial women. Statistics show that 90% of women who enter business do not reach 6-figures in revenue.

Jasmin was able to successfully accomplish a 6-figure business while raising her family, going to grad school, and overcoming her own views of success due to her disadvantaged background.  Today, Jasmin empowers entrepreneurial women to overcome their fear & self-doubt and scale their business to 6-figures or more. 

She is a highly sought after biz strategist, educator, motivational keynote speaker, and curator of impactful in-person experiences. 

Certified Behavioral Consultant

As a “whole”-istic business strategist, I believe the strongest foundation to a successful business is understanding who you are and developing a strong mindset. I can give you all of the strategy in the world and it would mean nothing if you don’t have this in check! ⠀

As a business strategist, I often work with female entrepreneurs who find it hard to understand their strengths, maximize their potential for personal/professional growth, and determine the next steps in their career and/or business.⠀

As a certified behavioral consultant, I  help you dive deeper into finding clarity in who you are, where your values/beliefs/goals would best be suited, how to manage stress, how to handle conflicts, and improve communications in your personal/professional life. ⠀


It Takes A Village: The Women Behind The Brand

Bianca- Executive Assistant

She is Jasmin's right hand woman that keeps the house running. She is an incredible mom and devoted wife. She runs a successful virtual assisting business. 

Erin- Editing Assistant

This incredible woman helps Jasmin keep her content coming to you every 2-weeks in her blog and upcoming first book. She is an editing & copy master, believes in the mission of our company, and in helping women pursue their entrepreneurial goals. 

Sasha- Podcast Manager

This amazing woman edits and manages our podcast that features the inspiring stories of entrepreneurial women or bi-weekly biz trainings by Jasmin. She helps bring my content to your earbuds weekly. 

Ikeshia- Community Manager

Our newest edition to the team! Our community manager helps our business members feel supported in their entrepreneurial journey. She is the woman that encourages, motivates, and creates supportive activities for our business network members. 

"Jasmin speaks with passion that inspires and motivates. She always tells the truth about her struggles, which motivates me to keep trying when things are not going as planned. She is great to point out that self care is important for success also. She coaches everyone to be better as a whole person, not just in their career."

- Melissa T.

"Where do I begin to describe the impact Jasmin has had in both my professional, and personal life. As a coach she has empowered, challenged, encouraged, and supported me, to develop and grow my consulting and speaking business, and to look beyond what I thought possible. Personally, observing and interacting with Jasmin, and witnessing her vulnerability and honesty, has empowered me to step out and be vulnerable, and embrace the woman God made me to be and the work He has for me to accomplish."

–Susan Cotten BSDH RDH OMT


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