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Conquer Your Entrepreneurial Goals

Regain your life, consciousness, and strength in conquering your goals for early-stage or emerging entrepreneurs.

The Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network

You Don't Have To Do Your Entrepreneurial Journey Alone

The Breakthrough to Excellence Network is a collaborative group membership that helps support the emerging entrepreneur and business owners year 1-5. 

Who is this network for?

  • Women who are entrepreneurs and have an established business.
  • Women who are overwhelmed and tired of being run by their day to day tasks.
  • Women who enjoy learning or be reminded of foundational business principles to help them create the business they desire.
  • Women who want more time for income generating tasks.
  • Women who want to organize their business so they can scale and delegate to future team members.
  • Women who want to be held accountable and have a safe space to get their business questions answered.
  • Women who are uncertain about investing in a 1:1 experience but could benefit from a community-led accountability group with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What's included in the Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network membership?

  • Live monthly meetings Q&A with Jasmin Haley
  • All meetings recorded and placed in business library
  • Access to any business bootcamp trainings to the public for FREE
  • Community driven Facebook group of like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Monthly Trainings from Jasmin or Guest Experts to fit your specific needs and placed in our business library
  • Resident mindset coach with monthly meetings to help you develop your entrepreneurial mindset
  • Business library available for lifetime access as long as membership is active

PLUS amazing bonuses: 

  1. BONUS Four module mini-course 
  2. BONUS Modules & worksheets covering developing your customer avatar, building a reputable brand, build a thriving community, and system fundamentals for growth

Cancel Anytime*!

*You may cancel at any time. The best results of our clients happen when they are commit to at least a year of business development. 


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Your Online Business Coach

Jasmin Haley has grown her part-time online business to six-figures in 2019. She is taking her expertise in education, her love for all things tech, and her strategic mindset to help emerging entrepreneurs learn business foundational principles so they too can achieve their entrepreneurial goals. 

Your Mindset Coach

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Why Join The BTE Network?

This membership network will allow you to be surrounded by positive peer pressure, expand your business network, assist you in developing the confidence in reaching your greatest potential, and surround yourself with other professionals who are highly motivated and committed to growing personally and professionally.



"If you want to conquer fear, don't sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy."

- Dale Carnegie

This Membership Network Will Provide...


Accountability you need to take the necessary steps to improve your career. 


From downloads, fillable worksheets, connecting you with the right people, this program will provide you with resources that your coach has available and leverage them for your own personal use to conquer your business goals.


Gain the clarity you need in determining your next step. Identify the self-made blocks that have hindered you from achieving your business goals.


Have a free, safe, and open space to learn and grow with your coach and group members. 


Receive answers for your specific business-related goals so you never have to second guess your path (or how to get there) again.


If you are willing to work hard and achieve the next level you will achieve results that will get you closer to your business goals. 

"BTP has helped me launch my new career. The guidance I received has afforded me the opportunity to create a platform for myself. BTP helped me streamline my goals into reality. It has been a great experience. Jasmin has been instrumental in helping me create a lane that does not exist. Her selflessness and her true desire to change lives is immeasurable. She is trust worthy (we could talk about anything) and sincere. I am grateful to have her in my corner."

Kimberly Farley, RDH, MHSc
Speaker and Owner of Oral Health & Wellness Learning LLC

"I want to first off- thank you Jasmin! I so enjoyed our sessions! Your positivity and energy are infectious! You gave me a focus; not only to start working towards my new career while I’m still in school, but on making myself better. I hope to still be able to keep in touch as things continue to move forward. I’ll bring the cheese and wine!"

Kim Knutson, RDH

"Working with Beyond the Prophy has set me on the path to fulfill the next level of my career. I have learned so much about how to leverage my skills into something amazing! Jasmin is supportive, empathetic, and selflessly gives of her time, and is the biggest cheerleader! I really didn't know what to expect when I was selected for the Mastermind group. But I can tell you that I am so glad I was and I know that my life is changing because of it. I am on my way to something big and I am not so sure I would have discovered it without the guidance I received (and still receiving) from Jasmin. I will be forever grateful for the experience, and I support Beyond the Prophy 100%. Jasmin is more than a coach, she is a guidance counselor and will help you find your path. If you are already on your path, she can help you by giving you sound advice, tough love, and supportive feedback. She is knowledgeable and professional. Thank you Beyond the Prophy for setting a new path for Dental Hygienists! Thank you Jasmin for all that you do and thank you for all that you have done for me!"

Kimberly Farley, RDH, MHSc
Speaker and Owner of Oral Health & Wellness Learning LLC

"Jasmin help me see that there is more side of an hygienist than the chairside part. For the most of us, we thrive to learn and spread that knowledge, we are passionate and we care for our community. So Jasmin help me tap into that! Thank you!"

Kassopia Arsenault, RDH

"Filled with numerous A-HA moments, Jasmin helped me dig deep and clarify my vision. I told her I want to grow up to be like her, even though I have a decade on her! Jasmin is compassionate but crystal clear in her coaching style - I look forward to continued professional growth with her guidance. Next step, Beyond the Prophy Conference!"

Lucy Pavao, RDH
Corporate Sales

"Jasmin helped me realize that my why is important and that I to share it and my message with the rest of the world. Her ability to see this and encourage me to move forward has been pivotal in my speaking career. I learned so much from her on how to fine tune my presentation and am looking forward to working with her again on creating a new presentation. Jasmin is so fun to work with and so knowledgeable. I used to think I could do everything myself, I now realize investing in myself with coaching is invaluable."

Kyle Isaacs, RDHEP, BS
Speaker and Owner of Miles 2 Smiles LLC

"The communication was top notch! I was impressed with video responses and summaries that were sent. There are so many things I had not thought about that I was able to incorporate into my overall strategy. The presentation of the information was guided and easy to understand. I would definitely recommend!"

Devon Banks
Owner of D-Tech Billing and Services

"She helped me focus my energy where it needed to be."

Amy Brown Williford, RDH
Coach and Consultant with Inspired Hygiene

"I chose to work with Jasmin because she has a successful podcast and felt her knowledge would be beneficial to my start up podcast phase work. I appreciate how she goes over and above with information. She really made sure myself and my team understood the steps and process of how pieces fit together and worked together. We are looking forward to getting our podcast rolling and fully expect Jasmin to be one of our first guests on our show!"

Corinne Jameson- Kuehl, RDH, BS
CEO of Custom Dental Solutions

"Jasmin was very encouraging along the way and pushed me when I was feeling doubtful. She is a go getter and that rubbed off on me- it really helped me to keep going. The extra resources and recommendations were very helpful. She went out of her way to take care of things for me and I truly appreciate it."

Karolynn Hilaski, RDH
CEO of Wholeistic Connect

"Jasmin organized and focused on key factors that would grow my non-profit. Her strategic insight and expertise helped the organization and its revenue tremendously. After our first session, I started to see improvements with memberships and target groups. This success directly correlates with the action plan given by Jasmin. She is upfront and realistic. I am most satisfied with the expectations and outcomes. Thank you Sis!"

Martelle Twitty, RDH
Founder of BrowngirlRDH

"I started with Jasmin as a coaching client and shortly thereafter, transitioned to a business partner…. 18 months later I am still a coaching client. Why you may ask. She said it herself “over the years my friends and colleagues often reach out to me to find out information or get help sorting their scattered mind”. Jasmin is the queen of systems, automation, and processes!⠀As an educator and entrepreneur juggling multiple roles and businesses, it is essential that I have automated systems in place to streamline my processes in order to maximize my productivity and profitability. Jasmin is a master strategist and her expertise will help take your business to the next level."

Dr. Joy Void-Holmes RDH
Owner of Dr. Joy RDH

Susan Cotten, Owner and CEO of Oral Cancer Consulting LLC

What limiting beliefs did you have prior to your coaching program with Jasmin?

There were several… Even though I knew my “why” and I had a passion and a vision, I bought into the limiting beliefs I told myself and those spoken by others.

I am not… smart enough, good enough, well known enough, there are so many others talking about this topic.  I took to heart the negativity of those who were not supportive and their reasons why I couldn’t, or shouldn’t, build my business and “Make A Difference” in the world of oral cancer. Where do we begin?!  The phrase, “You don’t know what you don’t know”, this says it all!

I didn’t know where to begin with building and growing a business, a brand, submitting abstracts, talking with potential clients, and event organizers.

One big item for myself that Jasmin pointed out, I had not made clear the problem(s) I was solving, and then how I was going to help solve those problems, and present those to potential clients. What I thought were some of the problems, weren’t necessarily what my audience and potential clients saw as problems. That has redirected some of the content in my course and consulting business.  


What results did you achieve by overcoming them? 

With Jasmin’s honest coaching, encouragement, support, her sharing her experiences and expertise, I am building my business and my brand with a new and renewed set of goals and with a “Can Do” attitude. Doing it scared, instead of moving into the future and looking back saying “I wish I would have gone after my dream”.

I submitted an abstract for RDH Under One Roof 2019 which was accepted, I’ll present my oral cancer course there on August 2nd.   Additionally, presenting my oral cancer course with hands on workshop at the New Jersey Dental Hygiene Assoc. Annual Session in November, and presented my first webinar.


Sonya Dunbar, Owner and CEO of Geriatric Toothfairy

When I started my journey, I knew I wanted a mobile dental company and I knew I wanted to be a
speaker. I had no direction or ides how I was going to reach either goal. I reached out to Jasmin this was
years ago she was just getting started she told me to follow my purpose she also gave me many valuable
resources that direct me in the direction that I needed to go. I took her advice and Mobile Dental Xpress
was birthed now my mobile business is 5 years old and growing fast daily. During that process I still had
a desire to do more to reach more people about oral, care for seniors that’s when the Geriatric
Toothfairy was birthed. I was all over the place trying to push her out and make a place for her in the
dental world. I was spending money on marketing, consulting, adverting, business cards, web design and
so much more. Finally, my husband said love you have to stop spending with NO results! Almost in tears
I reached out to Jasmin I was at a point that I didn’t know what direction to go but I knew I couldn’t give
up on my purpose and passion! When she spoke to me it changed the trajectory of my life! She gave me
practical ways that I could promote my brand and save money. She planted new ideas in my vision and
gave me direction. She helped me set goals and completed them. She was easy to communicate with
and touchable. She believed in my success just as much as I did and that was so important to me. She
walked with me until I was running.



Our doors are open!

Kyle Isaacs, Owner and CEO of Miles 2 Smiles LLC

What limiting beliefs did you have prior to your coaching program/ CAA membership [past program]?

Before I joined the CAA membership and coaching program I thought I could do everything myself and had been holding off finalizing and publicizing my resource guide.  After working with Jasmin and with the Career Advancement Academy, I learned how to not only promote my business, but also a variety of skills that I can use in the future when I create new products and programs. By working with Jasmin and the academy, I realized that what I have created is important and needs to get out there for others to use; previously I thought that it was not good enough, that I had nothing to offer.


What mistakes were you making before you went into the BTP coaching program/CAA membership [past program]?

I had no idea how to create a google doc and send out a survey, how to make a landing page, how to get my resource guide ready to sell.  I feel like I am resourceful and able to figure things out, but there are so many things I had no idea about or how to go about them so I just did not move forward.  


What results did you achieve by overcoming them?

I am still working with Jasmin and her coaching and looking forward to learning more about how to create ads and promoting them.  Jasmin is helping me to learn how to do this as well as how to set up my email list, how to repurpose my product, how to create freebies so that I can do this in the future for other programs and products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Monthly Live Q&As for all of your business questions
  • Quarterly Trainings Courses to suit your business needs and goals
  • Mini 4-Module training on foundational business principles to kick start your business results
  • Community-led group of like-minded and supportive business owners 
  • Worksheets and resources for all topics covered in the business library
  • Resident Mindset coach to help you develop the entrepreneurial mindset to succeed in business
  • Access to all of the Live Q&A recordings in the business library
  • Evening meetings to schedule around your 9-5

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This program is no longer available to the public and will only be offered to Breakthrough to Excellence™ Network Members. 

Absolutely! Although we hate to see you go, we understand the need to do what is best for you. You may cancel at any time. Since this is a digital product refunds cannot be issued for past months in the program. All access to the business library and membership group will be revoked once membership is canceled. 


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